About Us

One Source Bookkeeping has provided virtual accounting and bookkeeping services to small and medium sized businesses for over 10 years. Our suite of services has proven to help businesses run more efficiently and ultimately grow since key staff within the company has the information needed to make decisions. And most importantly doesn’t have to mess with the headaches associated with accounting and bookkeeping.

Our team is made up of seasoned executives with deep operations and technology experience in the accounting and bookkeeping space. Our typical clients are small to medium sized operations with top gross revenues ranging from $500K to $10M.

Mike Pierce


Connect with Mike on LinkedIn Running his own business for many years, Mike experienced firsthand how difficult it is to grow a business and oversee internal accounting procedures at the same time. However very soon he found that working with a virtual accounting and bookkeeping service firm could make a huge difference to the success of his business. Today he spends his days working with small and medium sized businesses helping to make their lives easier by providing virtual accounting services.

Sandy Ravindranath


Connect with Sandy on LinkedIn Majoring in accounting during his time at University, Sandeep has a deep knowledge and experience in both efficient operations and accounting procedures. Since 2005 Sandeep has overseen the operations staff ensuring that client commitments are done on time and correctly.

Guru Amrit Khalsa


Connect with Guru on LinkedIn Having served as both Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operating Officer at multinational corporations, Guru Amrit learned firsthand how blending technology and operational best practices allowed companies to operate more efficiently and get a lot more done. In 2002 he applied this skill set to bring a killer service to the accounting industry.